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The engine of an organisation is its workforce. It is imperative for employers to ensure effective preventative maintenance of their engine to keep it running smoothly for optimum productivity and growth. Providing a health-centred work culture will contribute to employees well-being.  Organisations will reap what they sow.  Research and studies have proven that organisations that have invested into the health of their workforce through Corporate Health initiatives have reaped Return On Investment that very simply equates to:

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees = Higher Productivity

Jane through her work at Heartsense, provides a service that helps keeps employees healthy, that is good for them and it is good for business.  The model is affordable and effective it is something any business should be investing in.  I highly recommend this service.

Toby Hall
Group CEO, St Vincent’s Hospital Australia


Preventative Maintenance for Leaders

A personalised eight week holistic program that will empower leaders to take control of their own health and begin to experience the power of positive activity.

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Active Work Space

A customised six week program that creates mindful movement and positive activity in work spaces to combat the sedentary lifestyle we live in this day and age

Some of the benefits include:

  • Exercise becomes fun and achievable
  • Enhances physical, mental and social well being
  • Promotes respect, camaraderie and team building
  • Fun, effective and sustainable

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Back 2 Basics Preventative Maintenance

A 1.5 hour info-active workshop that will enlighten, encourage and equip participants with simple and practical strategies to help them be more resilient to the demands of work and life.

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Be an active employer of choice by advocating for the good health of your workforce


“More people at work in better health, more productive companies and less pressure on the public health system are goals worth working towards.”
- Business Council Australia