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"Jane has been very professional and nurturing. Her self-motivation impressed me. During the three-month Accountability Program, I managed to make a conscious effort to change my eating habits and gradually increased my exercising time. I felt more energised as I got into an active lifestyle. Jane was firm but at the same time allowed me to do things at my own pace. My son who also embarked on her program had managed to lose some weight and is much fitter now. We have started jogging regularly and are now training towards our first 5km fun run. We are very grateful for Jane's motivation and training and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone." - Clara Chan

"I was looking for something to improve my fitness. I have previously joined gyms and other various exercise classes. This one is one of the best as it has helped me to increase my level of fitness and especially strengthen my muscles. Jane is a fantastic trainer - very encouraging of all levels of fitness and makes the classes interesting with a variety of different exercises each week. We also have fun as well!!" - Debbie, Blackburn

"I have been training with Jane for over five years now.  Prior to her classes, I was quite anxious about sport and exercise.  It took quite a lot of courage for me to get started and I was worried about how I would go, especially after having my two children.  I never looked back. Jane has endless levels of motivation, when you feel like giving up, she is there, ready to encourage you, boost you up and tell you that you can do it.  She helps you set goals and achieve them, beyond what you would ever expect for yourself." - Kate & Lily, Mitcham

"My name is Dorcas Wong. I heard about Jane's coaching a few years ago but never thought of joining until recently. I hadn't done any intentional exercise for many years. However with the persistent persuasion of a friend who had been attending for several years, I decided one day to go and have a look since I'd had one of those nights when I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. That day changed my life forever! Now I have been attending Jane's sessions regularly for 5 months, and I actually look forward to waking up while it's still dark and travelling the 70km round trip for Jane's coaching.. I highly recommend anyone to join this worthwhile class!" - Dorcas, Cranbourne

"I accompanied my wife to one of Jane's classes to keep her company, thinking, "how hard could it be ? "My misconceptions about my own level of fitness was exposed on that day... The exercises were tough, varied, but I had a lot of fun.  It got better once I was able to rope in some of the participants' hubbies. From a health and fitness perspective, Jane practices what she preaches-its a part of her life ! One thing that strikes me is that whilst Jane's training sessions are tough, the cool downs are so effective, I finish feeling fresh; not tired.   Before joining Jane, running 5km was my limit. After improving my cardio and core strength (and a lot of training), I've hit my life goal of 1.38.04 over 21kms.I would recommend Jane to anyone - especially to those who are thinking of rejuvenating their fitness levels." - Terry, Burwood

"I have been attending Jane's Saturday training sessions over one month now. I find that the training delivers an excellent balance of strength, aerobic and flexibility training. The program can also be modified to suit those at different fitness levels. Jane is very encouraging and offers ongoing support to help increase one’s confidence. The group environment also makes it more interesting especially as there are some exercises that require team effort. The stretches at the end are also great in helping to reduce the muscle cramps. I always feel quite refreshed after the morning’s work-out." -  Esther, Glen Waverley

"I've never liked cardio work, but Jane makes it fun. She makes me smile as I puff." - Tom, Berwick


"Jane is clearly very passionate about fitness and it really rubs off. Since joining her class about 6 months ago I have seen a significant difference in my fitness level and I have been able to lose weight! My body has more definition and I am really pleased at how my fitness has improved. Jane is able to push you very hard but in a supportive way. 
I really enjoy the classes and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to improve their fitness and weight loss goals." - Skye, Mitcham

"I have been attending Jane's bootcamp training for a number of years now and I am significantly fitter than when I first started. Jane is friendly and very encouraging, there is a lot of variety in the sessions and a good balance in the types of exercises.  She really provides you with a good work out - usually more than what you think you can do. Jane is genuinely interested in your fitness and the classes have a very positive feel about them. I recommend Jane's classes but be prepared to work hard!" - Roxanne, Vermont

"Jane helped me achieve fitness goals and a better understanding of what my body was capable of that no one else in the previous 30 years of failed attempts had been able to do. Her knowledge combined with a GENUINE desire to make a difference in my life resulted in many "firsts", including running in my first 10k event at the Melbourne Marathon.  Eternally grateful Captain Jane!! You are awesome." -  Neil, Mount Waverley

"Jane experienced coaching really helped me go from woe to whoa in my running. Through her caring, yet systematic approach I managed to improve my split times out of sight." - Steve, Box Hill